I found Mares & Dow on Velux’s website as their 5 stars vendor.  So I email them to give me an estimate.  They sent over a young guy called Jimmy(the owner’s son). Jimmy came up to my 2 story tall roof easily and came back in 10 minutes and told me that the office would send over the quotation in a few days.  I was not sure if he really got what I wanted as he made the job looked so easy.  I have contacted 2 other vendors just to give me a quotation and everyone of them told me that my project was huge and difficult and I have a hard time getting quotation from them. One vendor brought over a Velux rep and complained that my roof was too steep and the rep wasn’t happy about it.  The other vendor, Mark Spiller, cannot even submit a quotation.  He gave me a rough number and asked me to commit to the project before he asked a 3rd party over to get an estimate. What’s worse is his rough number is for an acrylic skylight just like my old ones.  I told him that I wanted to upgrade to Velux skylights for the new installation and he wrote me a long email explaining and “educating” me that my old skylight were huge and there was no way I could have a Velux skylight unless I asked a constructor to re-build my roof, also saying he was being nice to me and spent his time to “educate” me even he knew he couldn’t do the project.  So when Jimmy said he would submit a quotation without further questions or ask a Velux rep over, I was surprised.  I worked with Janet (the owner’s wife) back and forth for several different Velux options and she was patient and submitted a few different quotations based on different models.  The installation went over their estimate time frame but was smooth. Jimmy and his teammate, Robert , are professional, polite and considered. There are a few scratches on my hardwood floor but I believed that they have done what they could do. They have covered the area well. It is just my hardwood floor is too delicate and with the heavy scaffolding, it isn’t avoidable. In conclusion, I am happy with them so far. They are very knowledgeable on Velux products.  For big projects, they are the team to call and for simple and small projects or repair, maybe Mark Spiller.

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