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Many homeowners in Martinez CA are not sure if they should remodel, sell, or wait until next year to call a general contractor nearby. This is a hard decision for business owners too. But it could be a perfect time check out commercial general contractors. When you come to Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights, you not only enjoy a wide range of building and repair services, you can speak with experienced professionals about your plans and dreams.

The Value of Talking to Professionals

When it comes to general contractor services, we know what we are talking about because we speak from experience. We have been serving the Bay Area and Martinez CA for over thirty years. Archie Mares and Dennis Dow have extensive experience and training in the building and construction industries. Archie is an electrician and lighting expert with experience in concrete work and supervising construction.

Dennis is an experienced carpenter and brings a lot to the table on each project. He has a lot of training and worked for ten years as foreman and superintendent for a local builder. Both men know what it takes to complete projects and bring them in at or under budget. If you are in search of a “general contractor near me” you’ll have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon when you go to Mares & Dow Construction & Skylights.


Our commercial and residential general contractor services include:

Why Come to Us?

If it’s time to check into a “general contractor around me” call our East Bay office at 925-671-9500 for a free estimate. We offer many services in Martinez CA, professional advice, and have years in the business.

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