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Bentley’s Restaurant Project San Francisco, CA


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LOCATION: San Francisco, California

PROJECT SCOPE: Interior and Exterior Restaurant

KEY FEATURES: Multi level structure, 96 foot bar, thirty foot ceilings

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Bentley's Restaurant Project
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The Bentley’s restaurant project in San Francisco, California, is a standout example of innovative design and construction in the culinary world. This project involved both interior and exterior work on a multi-level structure, creating a unique dining space that captures the essence of San Francisco’s vibrant food scene.


One of the key features of Bentley’s restaurant project is its impressive 96-foot bar, which stretches across the main dining area. This expansive bar not only serves as a focal point for the space but also accommodates a large number of guests, making it an ideal spot for socializing and enjoying the restaurant’s diverse beverage offerings.


The restaurant’s thirty-foot ceilings add to its grandeur and openness. These high ceilings create a sense of spaciousness and luxury, enhancing the overall dining experience. Vertical space also allows for creative lighting solutions and decorative elements contributing to the restaurant’s unique ambiance.


In conclusion, Bentley’s restaurant project showcases a thoughtful approach to restaurant design. It combines functional elements with striking features like the multi-level structure, 96-foot bar, and thirty-foot ceilings. This project has resulted in a dining destination in the heart of San Francisco that not only offers exceptional food and drinks but also provides a memorable atmosphere for guests.


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