Should you add a bathroom to your home?

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There are several reasons homeowners work with home remodeling contractors to add a bathroom to their home. For some, they are anticipating changing household needs like new or growing children or older relatives who are coming to live with them. For others, they are looking to increase their home’s value with a renovation project. Depending on your needs, a bathroom addition may be a great remodeling project for your home as well. 

Bump-Out bathroom to manage family traffic

If your family is growing, you might be experiencing an increasing demand for bathroom time. Adding a half bathroom can help alleviate any bathroom bottlenecks and hopefully lessen any conflict around this shared commodity. You don’t need a lot of space for a half bathroom, so a small bump-out can accommodate a sink, toilet, and shower. Consider locating your bump-out bathroom at the end of a hallway or adjoining a bedroom. Alternatively, some homeowners are able to convert a larger closet if it is conveniently located near existing plumbing. 

Ground floor bathroom for easy accessibility

More and more homeowners are welcoming older relatives to come live with them for extended periods, so the accessibility of their home becomes a consideration. Having the necessary amenities on the ground floor is important, as is constructing those amenities so they can be navigated with walkers or wheelchairs. If this scenario is similar to yours, it is a good idea to add a spacious bathroom that features supportive handrails and a wide doorway with a sliding door. The full bathroom can be added to the guest room or carved out of other spaces like the garage. 

En-suite bathroom in the master bedroom

A master bathroom to accompany the master bedroom is a great project for increasing the value of your home. If you are considering a master bathroom, there are endless design options that can create a truly luxurious space. From spacious bathtubs and glass-enclosed showers to double-sink bathroom vanities and commercial skylights to let the natural light in – you are only limited by the square footage you can spare. Some homeowners choose to construct their en-suite bathroom from the existing space of their bedrooms, while others will build a full addition to accommodate the master bathroom of their dreams. No matter the path you take, this bathroom addition is sure to increase your enjoyment of your home and your home’s value

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