5 Reasons That Leading Skylight Contractors Prefer the Velux Skylight Brand

5 Reasons That Leading Skylight Contractors Prefer the Velux Skylight Brand - skylight contractors - Mares & Dow

You have made the decision to brighten your home by installing skylights. The warmth of the sun is just one advantage of installing skylights in a residential structure. As experienced skylight contractors, we recommend not just any brand of skylights for installation in a home. Along with the leading skylight contractors in the Bay Area, Mares & Dow prefers the Velux skylight brand for 5 important reasons.

An Overview of Velux Skylights

The story of Velux begins in 1941 across the Atlantic Ocean in Denmark, when Villum Kahn designed the first windows that fit perfectly into a roof without the need to add a dormer. Contractors and consumers did not embrace the concept of skylights until around 50 years later. Starting in the 1990s, Velux started to convince homeowners and contractors about the practical benefits delivered by skylights. Over the past decade, Velux residential skylights have experienced a dramatic increase in demand for the brand’s skylights, and for five compelling reasons.

5 Reasons Why Contractors Prefer Velux Skylights

There is no other addition to a home that transforms a space like a skylight. Allowing more light and fresh air to enter a residential space boosts the ambiance of the space, as well as enhances the visual appeal of your home. Skylights do a great job of trapping heat in winter and the cool air generated by an HVAC system during the warmer months of the year. Strategically positioned skylights can shine natural light on plants and other forms of indoor vegetation that thrive under the sun’s illumination.

Velux skylights provide many of the same benefits delivered by other skylight brands. The difference lies in five additional factors that benefit both contractors and homeowners.

For Contractors: Increase in Profits

General contractors set a profit goal that the installation of Velux skylight can help them meet. Reaching the profit goal depends on maximizing the square footage used for each room in a home. Adding Velux skylights have demonstrated to decrease square foot cost by $9 per square foot.

For Contractors and Homeowners: Affordable Upgrade

Installing Velux skylights can almost double the revenue generated per square foot, while providing homeowners with an affordable way to make a significant upgrade that boosts the value of a home. Choosing Velux skylights also benefits contractors and homeowners because the upgrade is fast and easy to do.

For Homeowners: Transform the Attic

Installing Velux skylights in the dark, empty attic can transform it into a space you can utilize for anything from storage to a recreational room to entertain guests. Velux skylights are renowned for allowing the most natural light into a home on a square-foot basis.

For Homeowners: Helpful Tax Credits

Homeowners that choose to install eligible Velux skylights can receive up to a 22 percent tax credit on purchase and installation costs. Velux remains committed to developing products that help reduce the global carbon footprint. The leader in skylights created the Velux Go Solar initiative, which follows a mission to reduce energy consumption and generate energy savings for homeowners.

For Homeowners: Versatility

Velux designs and manufactures a wide variety of skylights to meet the specification of virtually every homeowner. For example, the solar-powered Fresh Air Skylights feature a solar panel that absorbs sunlight to recharge a battery-powered control system. Other products offered by Velux allow homeowners to open and close skylights with the touch of a button.

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