Custom Home Remodeling Services Lafayette CA

Custom Home Remodeling Services

There is something to be said and really special about building a Custom Home from the ground up. It enables you to attain your specific needs, dreams and whatever it is you as the creator vision. At  Mares & Dow Construction we also try to keep that special feeling of custom home building in all home remodeling, additions and renovations we build. A custom home can be attained through complete remodeling of your existing home to a partial home remodeling project. One of the most common starts of customizing a home is the removal of the exterior stucco and old windows and doors  and installing the latest custom energy efficient windows and doors and then installing the newest custom siding with custom trims. Or removing the kitchen and bathrooms and creating a new layout with all the latest custom cabinets, appliances or plumbing fixtures. Or converting a bedroom or living room space to an office with all the custom trims and flooring.

“Build your Custom Home of your Dreams.”
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